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"Brittany is THE best wedding photographer out there. She has the sweetest and most bubbly personality. A few months before our wedding, I was diagnosed with cancer and was not able to travel due to my treatment. My fiancé and I decided to cancel our wedding in Jamaica and get married on Long Island, NY instead. We planned the whole wedding in two weeks. When I called Brittany to cancel her photography services for our destination wedding, without hesitation, she told me that she and her second shooter would come to NY in two weeks to shoot our wedding. I was in shock and couldn't believe that I still would get the photographer of my dreams. When Brittany and her second shooter arrived the day of my wedding they were extremely professional. She helped move the day along with organization and promptness. She was so much fun to work with. She doesn't make you feel like taking photos is work on your wedding day. After the wedding all of my photos were edited promptly and absolutely stunning. I would HIGHLY recommend Brittany to anyone who is looking for an extremely talented, flexible, and organized wedding photographer. Thank you Brittany for your professionalism."

We planned the whole wedding

in two weeks!

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When you meet me, I'm certain one of the first things you will notice is my slightly unkept hair. (And then probably the fact that nearly everything I own is hunter green.) Ever since I was a teenager, I've always created my best work around 2-3am, when the coffee tastes like dark chocolate, and everyone in the house is asleep. When I'm not photographing, I absolutely love to write.

Jesus is my first love, followed by my solid 11/10 husband, Scott, and our two sweetest little blessings Lillyan (8) and Charlie (3.) They keep us young. I can almost guarantee that as you're reading this, I'm either listening to 60's or 70's rock, a business or Christian podcast, or my husband talking to me about fitness or food.

I full-heartedly believe that my talents are Gods gift to me, and what I do with these talents, is my gift back to Him.  Let your hair down, stand with confidence, and let's create something beautiful together!

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When the Lord brought you into my life, I knew for certain that one day, He would allow me the blessing of calling you my husband. What I did not know, though, was all of the incredibly beautiful and challenging years we had waiting for us ahead. The Lord warms our hearts with promises, but He doesn’t give us the details of how we will get to them. He told me that I needed to learn three very important things, before I could stand here with you today. The first of which is Proverbs 14:1- “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” The second, Proverbs 31:11 - “Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life.” And, the third, 1 John 4:18 - “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear." All this time, He has been preparing me to become the wife that you deserve. And there is no one else I’d rather struggle, and overcome with, than you.

Ezekiel 36:26 says, “I will give you a new heart, and put a new spirit in you. I will remove your heart of stone, and give you a heart of flesh.” Over the last six years, we have watched the transformation of each other’s hearts, grow and develop, through the difficulties, and all of the blessings, and I am undone by the Lord’s goodness.

So, today, in front of God, our family, and our friends, I promise to devote myself to you, forsaking all others. I promise to nurture your zest for life, endlessly- with encouragement and intentionality. I promise to never get used to you, and to always remember there is more to learn about you. While I cannot complete you, I promise to forever point you to the only one who can, and to always do my best to love you with the same love that He does. I vow to always be humbled and grateful, that I get a front row seat in sharing the incredible man that you are. I promise to hold your hand through sickness and in health, richer and poorer, and I promise you will never have to go through anything alone. I promise to always be growing and learning, chipping away at my faults, and the things that hold me back. I promise to put your dreams in front of us, and chase them with you, and I promise to always pursue reconciliation when the days are hard. I promise to become one with you, leaving myself in the past, and embracing my new self as your wife. And I promise to do all of these things until Christ returns, or the Lord calls me home.

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"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say,

I used everything you gave me."

As a wedding photographer, I see many different types of weddings, and many different forms of love. But one of the most common things I see is, a lot more "wedding day planning," than "marriage planning." A lot of questions about the details, and what would look great for centerpieces. Who the best makeup artist is, the best dress designers, and the most exciting DJ's. All of that planning is fun, but none of it matters. The most important thing of all is that you're marriage planning. Are you ready for your husband's stinky feet? Are you ready to find your wife's hair everywhere? What about the days when you don't like each other as much as you love each other?

I'll be there on your day to photograph all of the beautiful details you struggled to put together, I promise. But more importantly, I'll be there to photograph the reaction of your husband when your voice shakes as you read him your vows. I'll be there to document the swig of whiskey you took before you walked down the isle, and your Maid of Honor telling the guests all of the reasons why you're her person. I'll be there documenting your love... so that when you're ninety, and you look back at your photographs, you'll remember why choosing grace, commitment, and love, was always the answer. 




Your wedding is more than just one day. Each of our brides have our undivided attention from the moment of booking. For us, it isn't just about the hours that we're physically at your wedding, it's about the process that helps to get you to that day. It's about all of the love, the support, the quiet conversations over coffee, and the gentle reminder that you're here because of love.





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They communicate well, and they're kind to each other.

They're imperfect

They didn't get where they are today without a real good story to tell their grandchildren.

he grabs her butt when no one's looking

But he also doesn't care if they are.

You feel their freedom when you're around them.


And they protect each other, fiercely.

they're the wild ones







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Nicole and Matthew

"brittany is the most genuine person, ever!"

Brittany is the most genuine person ever! Matthew and I were not looking forward to engagement photos because we thought it would be awkward, but Brittany made it so fun and relaxed! Her photographs are stunning. I’m so in love with our wedding photos - she captured every perfect moment! 

Braddin and Ryan

"Brittany's work honestly put my pinterest board to shame."

My husband and I can honestly say, WITHOUT A DOUBT, we made the greatest decision when picking Brittany to be our wedding photographer!  She’s professional and efficient, yet is fun and upbeat. She’s organized and has an eye behind the lens that’s truly the most incredible talent. I would highly recommend her to any and all brides that’s looking for the most perfect wedding gallery! She really worked so well with all of our family members, vendors, & friends. I am so in love with our wedding pictures!! As a bride, you know how much time, work, and planning it takes to put together a wedding but Brittanys work honestly put my Pinterest board to shame. It’s everything I dreamed of and more!

Lauren and Brett

"brittany is amazing!"

Brittany is amazing! Not only is she super talented and always professional, but she will be your friend and confidante throughout your entire wedding planning process. From the moment we booked her she was always there, whether I wanted to pitch photo ideas to her, ask about engagement shoot outfits, or just to complain about the stresses of wedding planning. She was always just a text message away. Her eye for details and catching the most perfect moments is truly a gift. She has the most beautiful light and airy aesthetic for editing her photos. My husband and I will treasure our wedding photos forever.

Molly and Jesse

"we love brittany and can't wait to work with her again!"

Choosing Brittany as the photographer for our engagement and wedding photos was easily the best decision that my husband, Jesse, and I made regarding our wedding planning process. Start to finish, Brittany was professional, creative, and fun. While her finished product speaks for itself, I just have to say that befriending Brittany was such a pleasant surprise that enriched our experience and elevated the authenticity of our photos. We love Brittany and can’t wait to work with her again!

"Brittany's attention to detail is impeccable."

Tara and Christian

Brittany was the perfect choice for our wedding! She was so easy to work with, and she became more of a friend- not just our photographer, throughout the whole planning process. She provided a thorough timeline that kept us all on track and organized the day of, which is not an easy feat with a 19 person bridal party! Brittany's attention to detail is impeccable! 

Natalie and Jason

"We love her!"

Brittany is absolutely incredible! Her work is over the moon and we are so obsessed with our pictures. She is fun, easy to work with, and keeps the ball rolling. She has great ideas, and makes it so fun for everyone. We love her work! She captures every single perfect moment, and we had so many photos from our wedding- not to mention the quick turn around time! We love her!

"She made us laugh and have fun the entire time and her work is just incredible."

Krista and Brad

Amazing! I can’t stop looking at our wedding photos. The colors are vibrant, she picked the best photo locations, kept to her itinerary, and made sure the whole day ran smooth. She made us laugh and have fun the entire time and her work is just incredible. Plus, she’s like your super awesome best friend within seconds of meeting her, which makes working together that much simpler!

"she caught every single detail."

Melissa and Robby

Brittany was such an amazing photographer! She spent so much time making sure that our day would go smoothly, and she photographed it perfectly. She caught every single detail, and made us laugh the entire time. If we could do it all over again with her, we totally would!

"brittany is a sweetheart, inside and out."

Robyn and Daulton

Brittany made our wedding day perfect and stress free, from the moment she arrived. She made us (and our entire wedding party) feel relaxed, enabling natural moments to be photographed. We would recommend her to all. Brittany is a sweetheart inside and out and will make you feel comfortable from the moment you start talking to her. We can't thank her enough! 

"Brittany is absolutely amazing."

Allison and Brandon

Brittany is absolutely amazing! Not only does she take amazing photos she is willing to help you in any way possible. From the engagement photos to the wedding planning! She is always going above and beyond to make your dreams come true!! Highly recommend!

"Brittany is fun, organized, easy to work with, professional, and consistently goes the extra mile."

Devon and Andrew

Brittany is THE perfect wedding photographer! She did both our engagement and wedding photography. She is amazing at finding those natural, real moments on your wedding day. We have the most beautiful, sentimental, and meaningful wedding photos I have ever seen. We feel so lucky not only due to her talent but also her personality! Brittany is fun, organized, easy to work with, professional, and consistently goes the extra mile. Thank you Brittany for making our day so special!



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